About Us

We believe that today in the context of the ever-changing economies of the world legal profession has to play a positive, valuable and a constructive role. The challenges being faced by the business houses today especially those who are dealing in cross-border transactions have to be addressed by a transnational law practitioner
Oneroof law firm comprises of a large team of Law practitioners conversant and specialized in various faculties of Business laws to ensure the delivery of customized practicable and affordable solutions to the clients. In the process of providing the solutions to our clients, we provide various inputs and valuable insights regarding the development in the field of an economic and commercial climate of India. With our clear and practical advice, we facilitate the establishment maintenance and expansion of the business and commercial activities envisaged by our clients.
“ONEROOF LAW FIRM was established in 2008. Since then we are determined to ensure that it adopts the highest standards of professionalism. We have grown by leaps and bounds through the last decade and throughout this growth, we have always been guided by the same principle of working together to bring success to our clients. We have been consistent in providing excellence through timely delivery and quality work.”
SANDEEP LAMBA Founder & Managing Partner