Infrastructure Development

Generally, Infrastructure in India refers to the elementary supporting factors responsible for the entire frame of India. The infrastructure definition says that anything which forms the core of the functioning of any country is infrastructure. India being the seventh-largest country in the world has maintained an infrastructure management, which has enabled India to reach new heights.

In India, Infrastructure development has traditionally been the prerogative of the government with projects being sponsored through either the Central or State governments, and financed through their respective budgetary resources. However, with the increasing limitations on financial resources available with the government, especially at the State level, there has been an increasing focus on attracting private sector participation in development of infrastructure projects.

Today the debate is no longer being focused on the conflict between the private and public sectors, but rather on the most efficient way of sharing risk, joint financing, and achieving balanced partnerships between private sector developers/ operators and public authorities – the Public-Private Partnership. Governments are increasingly exploring possibilities of private participation in infrastructure services, with the mission of improving the service levels offered to the citizens. Plant Variety Protection